Moving on….

The past week has really been a true wake up call, I’ve seen true colors of certain people, become closer to some and X’d off a lot; and I am officially moved on and really really happy the way my life is going. Of course a great baseball game, where we won, GO RED SOX, with a super fun, cute friend helped a lot too – SECOND ROW!!! Behind the dugout!!! :] Being with friends and family has really centered me and made me turn back into the happy person that I was.  I will no longer let anyone affect who I am.

Sincerely yours,

Ps. Check out our great view and the amazing BBQ we had after!!!!!!! OMG YUM


  1. very cute! new guy?

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  2. I have been following you on facebook so glad that you are happy right now and in a good place. Your new guy looks so cute and you look so happy. You also sound so happy. I am so glad you left all that bullshit behind you. A real man knows how to treat his woman and keep her happy. Best of luck with this one, I will always be standing by your side!

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  3. You have upgraded so much!!!!!!

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  4. <3


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