I write this while on my trip to Hong Kong. my eyes look like vampires and I’m still recovering from a nasty stomach bug. a nice meal of xiao long Bao and herbal soup in my belly….. and a nice nap (and maybe a small Gucci purchase to make me feel better haha) I want to write….

once upon a time it was a fairy tale come true. and yet while my last post was about how not all fairy tales have happy endings, perhaps I was not in the right state of mind. this past few days has really changed my thoughts on it. what can I say? just a girl in love with a boy and upset that our road had to come down this way. but then I realized it doesn’t mean that it has ended. we’ve had a split in the road but, like we all know, sometimes, roads merge into one again.

we are just people who sometimes who don’t know how to handle our emotions… which don’t make anyone a bad person or a wrong person. we just need to grow for each other. deep down it just feels like what we have is still there, it’s real,,, so we shall fate figure it out for us to merge our paths again. have hope. keep faith. and hold love close to your heart.

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