Once upon a time….


I thought I was living in a fairy tale.  And I think I have been.  But then I realized that they were not true.  But isn’t it true?  There’s always a witch or a bad guy in a fairy tale that one must conquer to find true happiness.  The reality is to not give up.

I truly believe that my relationship was fate…. a great fairytale and absolute karma. But then after that, it takes work.  We met, we rarely ever separated…. and it all started with the magical apple…. which is why I got my first tattoo for a guy I was super in love with.


Love, takes work.  I find myself crying on the bathroom floor… sobbing and falling apart.  I find myself sleeping, knowing we are no longer together and yet his arm is wrapped around me…. my heart starts thumping hard and my throat tightens and I can barely breathe. This is how it goes.  You can love, and love and love…. but if both or one isn’t willing to work on it. Take the heartache, but not wanting to lose the love, it’s not gonna work.  I don’t want to lose what I have finally found.  And I have never felt this kind of love in my life. I have never given all of myself to anyone, like this, ever before.  I have never given up my whole life just to move across the world because I can’t stand being away from the one that I love. And the fact that I will be leaving in just a few days just breaks me.


He gave up.  And I let him.  I accepted it.


Please let me keep believing.

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