Dear Blog…


We have come a long way.  My first post was over 7 years ago…. and now look where it’s been.  It started off as a food diary.  Then a healthy food blog.  And then just a food blog in general with my adventures around the world eating and cooking.  And now this… I like to call it a “lifestyle” blog.  Which I will shortly be starting a whole “lifestyle” website at…. but this is still home to me.  It’s comfy, it’s my blankie that I want to hold on to.

Sure some of the photos have gone wonky and bad, and I’ve gotten rid of some posts that have toxic people in them…. but people are still reading the reviews (minus the broken pic links, sorry) but I’m better than that now (haha) so I promise no more (hopefully) old posts like that from here on out.  The past ones, ya’ll just gotta accept.

You’ve gone thru my relationships, my health scares, my issues, and my healing.  My fun vacations, and the times where I can’t stop crying.  But I’ve made it thru, stronger than ever before.  I am who I am because of what I’ve been thru.

So here I am, 7 years younger (cough cough) and ready to embark on so many new adventures.  If you’ve been following me on facebook or twitter you may have been seeing some hints of what is yet to come.  My life is going in the perfect direction and I can only seeing it going up and up, growing better and better.

Cheers. And thanks to all of you for staying so loyal.


Yours always,
Miss Tiffie

PS. If you haven’t yet, please check out 5 Seconds of Summer’s newest music video. Jet Black Heart  It’s heart-touching and absolutely fantastic.




  1. Jet Black Heart by 5 Seconds Of Summer, excellllent song!!!

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