Instincts were correct… all we can do is LAUGH AT YOU – and we are Steven Klimek / Steve Klimek

Update 5/20/2018: as of today I’ve gotten like a hundred emails/txts/dms on all social platforms about this douchebag and he has done so much disgusting/disrespectful things to girls and women. I’m glad that this blog has helped you all, thank you for thanking me!!! You are all fabulous fierce ladies who deserve better and glad you guys know it. I wanna say that he’ll learn but he obviously hasn’t! I am literally tearing up from laughing so hard at all the stories I’ve heard from sooooo many girls. So feel free to hit me up if you just googled him! This is starting to become a daily thing lololol! XO

Thank you babe for making this my day…… One of my most adorable gorgeous friends sent this to me tonight… and I laughed so hard I was crying and almost peed my panties. Cute ones too.  Hahahahahahhahaahhaahahahahaha…….. I adore her response.  She is such a smart, intelligent, BEAUTIFUL, lady!  I wanted to keep this in, but I couldn’t, why?! Cuz I wanted to warn ALL YOU LADIES, you ASIAN LADIES, out there of this monster. Yes, MONSTER.

You are such a loser.  AKA Pathetic.  YOU are the epitome and also the urban legend of why OKCupid is so horrendous.  Congrats.  Want a sticker or a cookie?  So everything that girls have been saying to me about you is right. AND you STILL wanted to get to know me?  What? So you still had a contact in Boston?  A Sugar Mama? Sorry, you’re not that awesome for me to sugar mama you. Not even close.  PLUS, I, yes I HAD to make YOU TRUST ME? HAAAAAA….. You should hook up with C’s ex, Liz  You guys can just lie and cheat on each other 24/7. FUN!!!!!!!!! i love how girls I know just keep sending me msgs that you write to them or hooked up with.  YES beware the!


[click pic to see the comments.. WHICH he bitched at me about for “believing”]

Grow the F up Steve.  Peace out fool.  I can’t believe I fell for your lies you dumbass player.  Get a job already, it’s been 4 fucking years.  Man the F up!  Stop living off of girls you lie to.  Don’t make fun of other people when  you’re just mooching off of other people.  Sorry, but I’m really not sorry, my social network is bigger than your sex life, THEREFORE, you ain’t getting nothing if they know anything about me. Sorry. Maybe you should move to Asia where no one knows you.  Maybe hook up with one of those trannys in Thailand.  I’ve said it before, I’m a nice girl, but FUCK with me and I WILL RUIN YOU.  So far it’s doing well.

Have a good day :]


  1. Anonymous says:

    I knew this guy. Thanks for posting this one.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I know this guy too. Messaged me in okc too. All of this is true?


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