Do you believe? Forever vs Flames

Relationships are hard.  I’m sure you all know by now there will be tears of laughter and pain.  We all look for that forever, but why is our criteria so “perfect”  Is there such thing as a forever or an impeding doom? I feel like we usually live so black and white we forget the real colors in between.  I believe in soulmates but I also believe in finding the one that is just as great.

There’s so much effort and deceit.  Why not just let it go as it is and be honest and be yourself?  Learn to live, to love, to let go, to move on, and just to be happy.  I would love to find someone to spend the rest of my life with.  Be old and grumpy, giggle and throw popcorn at people in theatres… dress up for fancy events, and possibly, hopefully, give birth to life itself right in front of our eyes.  But I’d also be happy not settling for just anyone and being a dog/cat lady for life. Single, dating, happy, friends.

So it’s not always Forever vs Flames.

It’s whatever makes you happy…. do you believe you can achieve happiness? If so, and if that is your goal – you are on the right path.

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