So recently I’ve been having horrible Nightmares (Read with caution)

I’ve been having crazy, violent, too-detailed nightmares lately.  I forgot the night’s before – just that I woke up screaming but nothing came out – but last night’s took the cake.  I’ll be nice and give you a PG-13 version of it.

After getting a new house my family and I decided to have a party.  Afterwards there was cleanup and some people still stayed after dark, some left. The last of us decided to take a walk around the new neighborhood only to come home to find that the front door was unlocked and open.

Thinking it was my mother, who was out with a group of girlfriends we, I think it was my dad, one of his friends,  and maybe a friend of mine, we went inside. The house was a mess.  An unidentifiable man dressed in, basically, a gray “human condom” came out from my room on the second floor, threw my camera at me and lurked back into my room.

The images on my camera were so disturbing, they were of people sleeping and him slowly torturing and killing them off.  He went through my private diaries and love letters and just took photos of everything.  He was basically slowly hiding and sneaking around my house slowly killing off anyone and everyone for no reason.  I hid Didi in the closet with a blanket and she had never been so quiet in her life.

The rest of the night was almost a blur of us trying to defend ourselves.  I had to watch family, friends, boyfriend, even people I hardly knew get murdered in devastating ways in front of me.  And for some reason, I also knew he was leaving me for last – like he had some personal vendetta against me and wanted me to suffer as much as I could.  I finally had the chance to run out of the house, my mom and her friends found me and tried to also cover for me.  I finally found a place to hide (after several tries, he just always knew where I was) and call the police telling them to make as little noise as possible to come and save whoever was left.

By the end there was a sniper and a neighbor with a shotgun hiding while the killer just sat on the couch, teasing me.  He got extremely agitated when he realized there were new people there… tons of shots and a smoke bomb went off and he was finally dead.  As was everyone around me.  Tons of swat and police finally got there as the smoke cleared and my house looked like a massacre, I was covered in tears and blood.

No one was found alive. I just remember crying to one officer just saying “Why why why?” over again… as I held Didi in my arms.  She was all I had left.

In the end I had written a book about it and called it “What is a feather?”  The first half was the story of that night.  The second half was popup art called “Sad loving memories”  And it was drawing I made of all the loved ones who died and my last moments and memories of them.  The last one was a popup of Didi titled “The one who survived”

At the end was the killer saying some quote like “In the end even the last feather is the last remaining hope” So I had changed Didi’s name to Feather. She was the only one that survived in my life.  My hope.

The end of my dream was a gruesome image of the killer’s head crudely sewn back on with thick black thread – crooked and off to the side, with a chilling smile and extra eyes sewn into his face.  Like he was always watching.  I can’t shake it off.  It’s 5pm and I still can’t eat a thing.

Anyone know any good dream analysis people?  Lately my dreams are so real I wake up and for a few moments I can’t even tell if it really happened or not.  And it’s terrifying.


  1. A method of enduring these types of dreams is NOT to write them down. Instead focus on good things only. Spend time with your family? those close to you? tell yourself that the dreams that you have been having are just deep repressed emotions surfacing telling you what means to you the most. The weird plot is just material used to blast negativity into your mind to where it hinders reality. What you dream is just your mind telling you things that deep inside you already know.

    I’m not a specialist of any sort. I’m worse. I’m a SON of a specialist. We used to have cases like this walk in all the time. They’d be given sleeping medicine or melatonin and told briefly the same stuff as above. Stick with only what is great and awesome in your life. FEAR SUCKS LEMONS. Dreams add sugar and make sweet out of the tart.

    Write down happy thoughts. It is what helped me. Odd enough my dad still sees me as one of the zombies he still tries to tinker with their brains. Totally overrated. Stick with the simple. Be happy, I mean what else is life supposed to be?

    Drink WATER at night. Nothing sugary or else the dreams get all sorts of messed up as the stomach is trying to digest the sugars while the brain is trying to pass out.

    I hope this is of a little help.

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