Painting soothes my soul

So I woke up this morning dazed and confused.  I actually have a happy post that I wrote that I may post before or after this.  But since a lot of you think I DON’T work for a living or I just eat for a living….. I don’t. I do work.  And then for those who think I just code, design, nerd out for work, I was an artist at heart. Born and raised.

I was inspired to paint today… and paint my feelings…. night, dark but with glows…

And of course to me I associate a lot with nature, colors, night… water…

This is what I ended up with so far, with two layers… I’m thinking of black mountains skyline, some dim stars…. and darkening it up more with another layer or two.

As I type this… I’m covered in paint and going through some personal issues.  Something that hurts me a lot.  But I’m staying strong and the painting helps take some of it away.

Question: How can you be so cruel if you claim to care so much?

My Answer: You can’t

Their Answer: ….
Who knows…

Just keep painting, painting, painting…


Ps. if you’re curious about my Modern Dauphine 20 Questions check it out here


You have deeply disappointed me.

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