Feeling down…..

I don’t know why my mood changed so dramatically….. yesterday was such a much needed relaxing beach day…

Not sure why I brought so many towels. Note the Austin Mahone one hahaha.

The water was cold but not so bad as last year.  I can’t believe it’s the end of July and I finally just got in my first beach day!!!! I got a nice pre-game tan for more beach sessions to come.. L & I are #beachbuddies4life haha.

Stayed til the beach almost closed (at 8).. the sky was so beautiful, the beach wasn’t crowded anymore and it was SO relaxing. All my worries and stress had gone away…

…but today is already going more and more downhill.  I have anxiety, I’ve been insulted, I feel ignored, hurt and just in a low point.  There are so many things I can’t get my mind off of…. (-_-メ) Don’t we just all want to figure out the answers to life?  And I hate how things can get so twisted and people can get so stubborn and not listen. I need to do some work and then find something to do to make me smile to get my mind off of things.

Oh and if you haven’t been notified yet I recently joined Periscope if you follow my twitter it’ll automatically tell you when I’m on it.  Funny stuff.  Thanks to everyone who was on it watching and talking to me yesterday at the beach… I think it got up to  3 or 4 hundred viewers at some point :] Hahaha. Hoping to incorporate it into my new website expansive project I’m currently working on (more on that later)

Welps, off to conquer the world and hopefully I’ll get some good news or conversation that’ll put a smile on my face today.

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