Are we in the clear yet? – T.S.

Why do I have the old Spiderman cartoon theme song stuck in my head? No idea.  It’s annoying and entertaining me at the same time, must turn on some good tunes…

I’ve been in a funk of a mood all day and just feeling stupid, with no one to blame but myself that right now I’m in this position.  I know, I know… people make mistakes, learn from them, grow and don’t repeat.  But I just want to press rewind and not have had it happen at all. In fact there were a lot of things that could be changed.

But people are people, as I am a human being, and sometimes we do dumb things.  All we can do is apologize, cross our fingers and hope that everything will be okay.  Because such trivial silly dumb things are things that we can laugh about later in life.  When I feel down about these things I always think of the movie The Fault in our Stars and rub my necklace…. look at my tattoo. Pocketful of Dreams.  Don’t let a small thing ruin something that could be far more amazing.  You only live life once. Forgive. Forget. Love. Laugh. Dance in the Rain. Be happy.


…..but I’ll pick you a flower if you like

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