Relationships and stuff…

Lately, the talk of love, relationships, dating etc has been coming up a lot in my life; like a lot.  (I feel like it’s a thing for as you get older and stay single…. ) And not just for me but for my friends (who conveniently like to come to me for advice hehe…)  I’ve always been told that I hold such an optimistic view on my love life.  We all want that connection though. It’s okay though, it’s natural, right?  But I’ve never been desperate for a relationship and when one ends… I never lose hope and give up.  Just keep swimming, right?

Although I would have to say I have made some pretty bad choices with men, how do deal with them, staying in broken relationships for way too long and jumping into them way too quick.  But hey, while some criticize my way of going out my love life, I think it’s my way of learning about love and life.  Without mistakes you won’t truly know what you want.  Without knowing the bad, you will never appreciate the good. Thank goodness I don’t have fish brain (Dora brain) – with what kind of memory span, 5 seconds?! Haha…. which reminds me. [start craziness] less than19 days til my birthday and less than 43 days til 5 Seconds of Summer concert. OK. [/end craziness]

But maybe we’ll add a video of 5SOS just because it’s my blog and I DO WHAT I WANT!!!! – Yup years later I still quote Cartman.

Yeah I’m a good girl that’s a bad girl that hasn’t been caught.

One of my best friends once told me that she was “too scared about how much she liked the guy she has recently been dating” because she has been hurt a few times before (Haven’t we all, by this age?).  I told her that she just had to live in the moment, enjoy it, because life and love is always a chance.

The guy I am currently “seeing” said to me awhile ago was “To me, a relationship is built over time. There’s no need to rush it. That’s why I’m okay with long distance and easing into things. If you’re one of those people who just needs constant attention from someone […] and just want to go with whoever gives you the most of that attention…it’s not really going to lead to a real relationship. Easy come, easy go, right?” Which makes perfect sense.  It’s not that I needed attention, I suppose reassurance, as confident as anyone can be, we all have our weak moments and hope that we are cared for back and not being played.  Which reminds me of one of my favorite, and also most overused bible quotes:

And to that one special person in my life right now…. All I can say is….

But it doesnt mean that I’m gonna succumb to your every need and desire.  I might as well date exes that I dumped.  I’ve just been in a huge argument with a current ex about us and others and what is what?!.. I don’t say that previous (some) relationships may mature and we could get back together but I also can’t say that something that I can be happy is in my near/far future.  I think I’ve always spent too much time trying to make my significant other super happy… in all ways…. that for once I want a real thing.  So everyone…. be happy.. stay happy… feel confident about it…. and just let it be <3


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