When your brain can’t even fathom the craziness…..

Image from fiveprime.org

Recently in the past few years I have met some of the most amazing, intelligent, respectful people of my life that I hold dear to my heart.  But I’ve also met people with severely inconsiderate, narcissistic yet insecure personality traits. (Come on, haven’t we all?) Most of these “really bad ones”, I honestly assume is either schizophrenic or bipolar (isn’t almost always the common “diagnosis anyways”?).  I’m no psychiatrist, but I almost double majored in it in college so I can see the traits pretty well. So yes, since I’m not one, in plain terms I’ve been having to deal with a lot of CRAZY people.

It’s not really a hard thing to cope and deal with but it’s no walk in the park either.  Some people can be downright stubborn (and/or stupid) and just won’t leave it be.  So hopefully this post can help you deal with your own crazies you have to encounter in your life.

Things to keep in mind:
– Crazies usually start off as “normal” but you never know what will set them off.  Kind of like a time bomb with no countdown timer on it.
– They don’t listen to reason. They are already DEAD SET on what they believe is real to be real.
– Making friends and being nice may work for a hot second and then it’ll blow up in your face.
– These people will go to the lowest of lows to show their “hatred” or “crazy” towards you (I have a baseball bat and police button by my bed)
– Don’t curse. Or yell.  Or scream.  It makes you the better person. Think before you speak, and with reason.
– They’ll provoke you and make false accusations and try to recruit your friends and family onto their team.
– Like I just said, they like to LIE a lot and repeat the same thing over and over again til your brain explodes.
– They will act innocent and as the victim when YOU are the victim.
– If it gets bad don’t be scared to call for a restraining order or the local police.  In one of my cases I called my town’s police and the crazy’s town police.
– LASTLY (for now, for this may be a forever growing piece), don’t let them get into your head and mess with you.  Go about your daily life as you always do.  They’ll move on, eventually to torture their next victim once (albeit really pissed off that they can’t make you miserable) But they will.  If not, like I said, it’s police action time.

Hope that helps and if you have any input, stories, questions or anything to share with me, feel free to comment or email me!

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