To be Barbie…… leave skinny girls alone

i’m sure most of little girl’s dreams was to be barbie. I, myself  never had that urge, in fact I didn’t understand skinny vs fat til 8th grade and fashion until high school – thru bullying.  And then I recently saw this article.  If she was was in real life she’d be 5’9″ and 110lbs.  I already lose, I’m 5’7″+ – ish and around 105+ or minus lbs depending on sodium/liquid and food intake.

But then they post Barbie’s “impossible physical properties” vs the “average woman” so I decided to measure myself tonite…  with a few glasses of wine HAHA.

Barbie vs. Avg vs. Miss Tiffie
Head 22″ 20″ 21″
Neck 9″ 15″ 11.5″
Bust 32″ 35″ 32″
Biceps 7″ 13″ 6″
Forearms 6″ 11″  5.5″
Wrist 3.5″ 6.5″ 5.5″
Waist”16″35″ 23″
Hips 29″ 40″ 31″
Thigh 16″ 35″ 10″
Calf 11″ 16″ 10″
Ankle 6″ 9″ 7″


While I do find wanting to be Barbie “proportions ridiculous” talking about girls having to be anorexic or having eating disorders is even worse for me.

While my wrists aren’t that skinny but my legs are skinnier than her.. does it make it right that I get bullied and made fun of for being thin? It’s completely unfair, especially if barbie is the “ideal” woman!  In fact I am happy healthy and fit and closer to barbie proportions than the average woman. WHY is it ok to criticize “thin”/”skinny” women publicly and anyway wanted when one cannot criticize an overweight woman? I do neither but it is very hurtful to be bombarded with hateful words, comments and mail every day on how I look. p.s. yes I have a huge head. get over it. Pineapple head or not (haha Will) just means I have a bigger brain right? You got that right bitches!

Barbie may be unreal, but I am 100% natural as is many others even tinier than me, naturally. So unless you want to openly “make fun of” “larger” women, leave us alone.  This is very triggering….  have had eating disorder issues.. which I have avoided talking about for a very long time for years and if I wasn’t fine right now, I would wanna be tinier than Barbie.  Even tho I naturally already am in some cases. Either these articles shouldn’t be written or Barbie should look more “natural” PEACE OUT I’m gonna go eat some chips.


  1. Ralph Yoder says:

    Some kids always find some people they go after. After childhood it’s ass holes. You’re gorgeous inside and out…


  2. Help weight me lisette


  3. Weight is help me piles yes


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