HIRE ME PLZ… blog, articles, photos, modeling, UI, coding, etc – Updates on my work life…

1. Been given a job to write about food/travel/fashion for a magazine started in NYC…. it’s definitely a more asian based cliental..  but I was also offered this because I have a more EVERYONE based fans.  So calling anyone that wants their restaurant, shop, vaca destination peoples that wants to be written about.  I’ll be writing it and it’ll be translated in chinese as well printed in english.    While this is CURRENTLY based in the East Coast…. it wants to make its way all over the US.. and eventually Worldwide so places to go to all over, please.

2. Trying to grow my portfolio, I’ve been so focused on UI and Coding.. some Designing… that I’ve lost sight of my true love, graphic design , vector art, typography and mainly branding… so if interested and want someone to help you out. PLEASE – contact me!

3. If you want a designed blog or website. Let me know. Done and done.

4. Need to make money for personal family reasons, let me know if you want photoshoots… pictures, acting jobs, modeling……. :]

5. Contact – tiffie@gmail.com 

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