Eat Thai til you Burst at 雲南小鎮 in Taipei

For just 469NT – like 16$ each – you can eat anything and everything off the menu til you burst… or you can order a la cart, at 雲南小鎮 ummmm…. obviously I’m gonna all you can eat DUH…. the hotel I stay at made me and my mama a reservation so we got a discount and got first priority. HOLLA.

This is literally right down the street from our hotel….. YUM.

Free soda/drinks and a small fruit.salad bar.

Papaya Salad.

Stir fried spicy Loofah… we got this twice.

Tiny Shrimp [虾皮] with Kong Xin Cai [空心菜] – Water Spinach…. which is basically a hollow stemmed spinach like chinese veg. One of my favorite greens ever… We actually ended up ordering this about 3x.

Red Curry Chicken…

I love Red Curry but for some reason it just didn’t hit it in the head… which doesn’t really matter… since all the other food was amazing…

Freshly steamed fish with cilantro, chilies, lemongrass, sweet and sour and just super super super fresh!!!!

Spicy Boiled Chicken

Spicy Eggplant

Thank you for finally giving me some authentic and delicious Thai food…. 

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