The Newest Craze/Fad: Honey Creme – Soft Serve Ice Cream & Honey Comb

After our little romp around 西門町 Ximending we headed back near my hotel for the “famous” new “craze” Honey Creme.  Which is basically a soft serve in which you put honey comb on it.  You can also choose things like pound cake and stuff.

We opted for a cup and to share.  We also added an extra honey comb.  Which was smart since they were tiny little cubes.

It wasn’t anything really special.  I remember chewing and eating on honeycomb when I was a little kid living in New Mexico, yum.  The one good thing is that the soft serve is super creamy and not sweet at all on it’s own so that the honeycomb’s sweetness can balance it out.  It was interesting to try but not so sure why everyone has been going nutty over it.

營業時間: 平日11:30- 21:30, 週末、假日前夕 11:30- 22:30

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