Disney and Margaritas at FIESTA

In the midst of Tea Time after lunch at Le Jardin de Giverny I snuck out to wander around….


And yes took lots of goofy looking pics

And then went looking for a bar, I’m sorry mom, for some booze and alone time…. YESSSS!!! A little bit of my heart, a Tex Mex restaurant…!!! Brand new – called Little Fiesta

It was cute, not really crowded and I got to talk to the bartender a little bit and we exchanged LINE names.  He wants to come visit America and actually spoke English pretty well – he said it was cuz he had a lot of American friends and mostly foreigners came to this restaurant.  Asians aren’t so into Mexican food…

One Margarita….

Two Margarita…

Salsa so I don’t have three Margarita floor :]

Definitely recommend this place.  Haven’t tried the food but the people are awesome.

台中市西區五權西四街106號, Taichung, Taiwan 40348
+886 4 2378 5587


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