Tattoos at 西門町 Ximending and 三味食堂 Sushi

We met up in the afternoon and immediately decided to headed down to 西門町 Ximending by subway to eat and then get my last tattoo there fixed and decided to get a new one.


Afterwards we were sooo starved so we headed to 三味食堂 for sushi.  This place opens at 5pm so we walked around shopping and took us forever to find the location… we were scared that we would have to wait in line but we ended up not having to at all YAY.. which is great cuz the crowd outside grew fast,

Tiny place but worth the $$ and free Miso Soup.. all you can drink :]

We got some sushi handrolls… Asparagus for S and Shrimp for me – filled with veggies, corn, bonito and other yummies….


As is the SUSHI

Each slice of the salmon over a tiny it of rice is about 4-5 slices of regular sashimi. It’s wrapped ALL around the rice…. and thick cut – super fresh.

Chicken Yakitori… tender and yummyily sauced

Agedashi Tofu

It was delicious…. we ended the night super full so we met up with his brother at Cellar Lounge and then headed back to 09 Whiskey Bar for a night cap.


  1. […] our little romp around 西門町 Ximending we headed back near my hotel for the “famous” new “craze” Honey Creme. […]


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