Old school Chinese Food at 朝天鍋

Last time I was in Taiwan I left earlier than my parents… in that time they found this restaurant near where we stay, in Taipei, that had delicious old school chinese food….

So why not go for lunch?

Welcome to 朝天鍋

Sweet White Bitter Melon

A bit sweet for my liking.. I like a light flavored bitter melon!!!!

Pan Fried Spicy Crispy FRESH Bamboo

This was sooooo good…. almost didn’t taste like bamboo…a nice  crisp outside, not greasy at all, and a nice light spice/heat to it. AMAZE!!!

Delicious Garlicky Greens

You can ever go wrong with fresh sautéed garlicky asian greens….

Scallion Pancake

I love Taiwan style scallion pancake, fluffy, crispy, and tons of thick cut scallions… this and Jay Chou’s Rooftop’s scallion pancakes are my favorite so far.

Thick, crispy and toooooons of scallions

Braised Grass Carp Collar and Head

It tasted very dirt/lake fish…. I wasn’t a huge fan and was a bit lakey and dirt tasting for me.

Free Dessert… Red Bean with Barley in Taro Soup

Sweet, delicious and a great ending

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