Life is a Gamble.. You can play it Safe, but…

…what’s the point?  It’s like going to the same restaurant every single time and ordering the same thing EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  This is NOT me.  How can you say you won’t like a dish when you haven’t even tried it?  And if you didn’t the first time, why not the second?  I’ve always been so daring in my palette and my stomach and I feel the same way about my life – especially lately.

I’m currently in a frenzy of putting together a new portfolio and tweaking up my resume for a few awesome jobs I’ve found all over the… world, really, because – why not? I’m young, I’m free, nothing would be holding me back but me.  Just grab what you want, even if you’re a little scared… how bad could the outcome be? Just that it wasn’t a right fit.  But I say if you have the passion and heart, just do it. JUST DO IT.  And that’s what I’m doing – taking control of my life, my heart, my life, my goals and my future.

Nothing can break me.  I’ve been told, I’ve been through so much for a girl my age and somehow I always pick myself up, smile, stay strong and keep up hope.  [That’s why I have “Believe” tattooed on my finger] Always have faith.  Always believe.  Always dream and go for it.

I’m a phoenix, every time I get burnt down I rise up – even higher.  Happy 2014, Happy Year of the Horse, this is the year I reign.



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