Super Belated = Best Day of the Year: August 3 — The Perfect Very Happy Birthday

I had the most amazing birthday ever this year.  It was probably the best I have ever had.

AND the fact that it was FINALLY on a weekend again, especially a SATURDAY, made it even more amazing.  Usually I have my party on the “not real date” but this year……. FINALLY…… I got to celebrate on the REAL day in STYLE.

It started with sleeping in.. and then running some errands with J and then over a beer – BTW, TIME WARNER FUCKING SUCKS. GO SUCK A DICK.

Anyways. I had a heart attack and anxiety attack at Eataly… SO MANY PEOPLE [and I was kinda hungry] so we went upstairs for a beer… which was surprisingly empty, especially for a Saturday, late afternoon.

I’m off-centered, so perfect :]

My boy’s got his sexy back <3

And the drinking begins….

So while I got pretty, J ran and worked out.  And I drank and got pretty. You know, doing what we do :]


My adorable J asked me to help pick out his outfit so I chose this. He’s TOO cute.  I bought him bowties so he learned how to tie them just for me…….

We match! I’m the luckiest girl ever to have my baby…

AND GUESS WHAT? He wouldn’t tell me where we were going for dinner…. and it turns out it was AI FIORI!!!!! My FAVORITE ITALIAN PLACE IN NYC!!!!!!…. and possibly EVAAAAAAAA

We both got the prix fix

Amuse Bouche….

Which was funny cuz we were just talking about not liking cold soup… but this creamy fennel soup was quite yum


So many people ended up coming to Prolateriat.  Thanks Cory for the shout out [and Pete for changing my name to “Miss Nipple”] And then for more people coming along to The Dalloway. YES YES YES. Lesbian Club was the best way to end the night. I really wish I got pictures. But yes I wanna thank each and every one of you guys and girls for coming!!!!!  We were rolllllling deep that night. I couldn’t even keep count of how many people came out.

Esp thanks to Adela for coming all the way from DC just for my bday <3 LOVE YOU

And of course along with having the hottest boy on my arm that night, I also had the hottest girl, N <3

OH YEAH. Still in my 20s and living it up. I LOVE MY FRIENDS AND I LOVE MY LIFE.

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