Food & Relationships….

You can tell a lot about a couple when they go out to eat.  How they interact, how they talk [IF they talk] and just the little things.  Today I was out to brunch and a couple sat next to us.  At first me and my brunch date was guessing if they were brother and sister.

“No, they don’t look anything alike, PLUS they act like an old married couple”

They barely talked.  Both scowling and both staring at their iphones.

My brunch partner argued they must be related and forced to go out and eat… by parents? I still said NO. They’re definitely boyfriend and girlfriend…. just “sick and tired of each other”

The waitress came.  The guy ordered for both of them.

Me and my friend nod at each other. Yep. Dating.

The couple each goes back to their phone and barely exchange a word or two.

First the guy’s cinnamon bun comes.  As he eats it, he feeds a bite, unwillingly, to his gf.  After almost inhaling all of it he offers another bite.  The girlfriend looks up from her phone, shakes her head, and then back down to playing on it.

The food comes.


That’s all he says to the waiter.

They go about eating.  They kind talk.  They randomly, awkwardly feed each other a bite of each other’s food.  He keeps SNARFFLING – not sniffing but like loudly inhaling his boogers in  and they kinda talk. KINDA.  They don’t really look at each other and look almost annoyed.  But go about with the typical “couple” things.

They left really soon after.

This reminds me of the demise of all my relationships.  Nothing to talk about. Don’t wanna look at each other.  Don’t wanna show affection, etc etc.

IN CONCLUSION.  I’ve been with my man for one of the longest relationships I’ve ever been in and we still always have things to talk about, feed each other, show affection, giggle, laugh and love to look at each other and touch.

Thank you couple about to break up for reminding me how blessed and in love I am.

BTW, my Lobster Benedict was BOMB!

PS. yay for my boy Austin on VMAs!!!!!!! Winning Artist to Watch AND a bomb ass performance.

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