The tale of Miss Tiffie and her first Balut

After many years of wanting to, and seeing Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain do it (my ‘eat/try anything food idols’) and so many of my Filipino friends…. I’ve wanted to try a Balut.  It freaks me out… I saw on Hell’s Kitchen recently… I don’t want no feathers and beaks… But I do wanna see whar the fuss is about.  I always try everything so when I had the change to try this. OBVIOUSLY I was 110% on board!

What else can I say? Texturally I actually would prefer it to be a little older duck since it just melted in my mouth.  The broth tasted like super condensed duck soup and the yolk was creamy and had a duck flavor to it.  The duck itself kinda had a gamey organ taste to it..  Not bad but the thought of eating it was kinda freaky.

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