The L Word

When does like/infatuation/lust become more?

There comes a time when it’s beyond the smiles and the butterflies in the stomach and you just feel comfortable with this person…. they become your best friend. You accept them, flaws and all.  You adore them, flaws and all… and possibly…. love?

When does love start? And how is the whole woo-ing thing going now and days?

I’m old now. I’m jaded. I’ve dated every single guy possible and it’s all turned to shit. I’ve had guys say the “L Word” within a day or two of meeting me, and within a month…. so now that I’ve been with a guy so great, so stable, so amazing, I’m kinda scared…. cuz it hasn’t happened yet. Not that I’m forcing it, expecting it, I know that if/when it happens it’ll happen… but I’m just……… kinda twerked. [good thing he doesn’t read my blog haha]

I don’t know when it’s a good time to say I love you anymore. Or have it said to me. What if “I love you” is just a jinx?

I’m confused and just not sure what to do anymore. Heartbreak is expected but really really unwanted anymore.


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