Changes changes changes…..

I mustache you a question….

So how did it go? One of my first truly NON-food posts since my own personal blog.  As much as food is a HUGE part of my life, I want to integrate food, travel and ME into this website.  It’s most certainly time to change and grow.  There’s more to me than just eating, drinking and having fun.  Don’t worry I’ll still have food posts… but I’ll have a little bit more of other parts of me too.  I’ve also been doing more vlogs on youtube and have been posting on socialcam a lot. SO. Especially since Formspring is done and gone… feel free to email me tiffie[at] or via  youtube…. or even just comment on here or socialcam or youtube questions… things you want to know about me, food things, fashion things, anything and everything and I’ll try to answer them back… on cam or by post. :]  And of course you know you can always find me on personal facebook, my facebook fanpage or twitter. So join the re-vamping and I hope you like it —- feel free to send ideas my way to make this more enjoyable for you.

Love, your favorite lovable lush,

Miss Tiffie

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