Strip Club, but wait, first Mexicanoooo in Brooklyn…. Random Dumbo Bar and Strip Club

The night started off……. innocent

We headed to Gran Electrica in Brooklyn to meet up with Jonathan for some yummy mexican… and tequila of course.. and instantly started off with drinks and Guacamole and Chips, SO GOOD.

I also had these leggings on… [not a pic of my legs obviously] But these tights were the talk of the night…

I got some Crab Tostada

Jonathan got plantains.. which came out as an appetizer

My Fish Tacos

J got some Carne Asada which he shared… annnnnnnnd… don’t remember what Jonathan got for a main meal.. tacos?!..

After we headed off to some random Brooklyn bar [in Dumbo] and ended up in one which we were the youngest ones there..  and I was SOOOO over-underdressed….. the one we WANTED to go to was having a private party so WOMP….

A few drinks later… and “faux” 5 hour energy drinks that tasted like grape candy — THEY ARE EVIL, DON’T DO IT, they’re 15 hour energy CRACK – which I shall talk about in my next post. Only me and Jonathan had it, J was smart enough not to. WE WERE UP ALL FUCKING NIGHT… okay back to the story

we ended up at the strip club, FlashDancers….

I feel in love with TWO strippers tonight.. apparently they liked me too… we were inappropriate.. and they asked for me when I left with J ;] To the two blonde, real bobbed girlies that danced with me, if you ever read this. FIND ME. You guys are so hot.  I got free dances, massages and ….. a little more ;] I’m hooked.

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