Wait… CT is a real state?

Headed down to Foxwoods with Mama and her girlfriend to play..

In the car sleeping…

We stopped by the most awesome HUUUUUGE truck stop ever filled with toys and souvenirs and foods and everything….

We finally got there and headed up to our room to take a break from all the snacking and gossiping from the trip down…… AND J happened to be in town :] I got a nice yummy homemade meal cooked by  his mama – yummmm steak – … got to meet his best friends and my new mini boyfriend:

Cutest Kid EVAAAA

After some glasses of wine and sweet desserts and more fun with the baby…. we headed back to foxwoods to playyyy….

I was bopping around and one of the security thought I was trashed.. and surprisingly after all the shots of tequila and jameson I was pretty sober.. HAHAHA….

We ended up at a club… and I’m in UGGS hahahaha…

We met a million crazy wild people, including this big black old man who danced like cray. AWESOME. I even danced with him.

after dancing and sweated our asses off ALLLLLLL nite at The Scorpion Bar we went to Golden Dragon to eat

Peking Duck and soups for us.. be basically devoured everything super fast….

Woke up next morning to a hangover breakfast

And then J came over and we played in the arcades.. 20$ made us thru a few hours of play.. and got us candy and these sunglasses…. we headed over to the comedy theatre after to watch the Patriots play.


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