Drunken Adventures at Eastern Standard, Met Bar @ Back Bay, Harvard Sq. and No. 9 with Jim

J came to visit for the weekend after Thanksgiving and we decided to head out for a foodie drunken adventure.  Our first stop was Eastern Standard.  Great for drinks and snacks…

The charcuterie plate… the pate was our favorite…

Raw oysters <3

We are both super happy!!!

Cheese Plate.. yum yum

Bubbles.. so many bubbles — and beer..

CHEERS!!!!! :] You have to do an oyster cheers!!!

And even though we didn’t order dessert they gave us some nummies anyways.

Next stop was Newbury St.. where we found ourselves at the Met Bar @ Back Bay [again]

Evil Quinoa Vodka with Goji Juice that made me halucinate

The most amazing Truffle Cheddar Popcorn

Brrr it was a cold cold night…

#2. Hello Kitty.

After the quick stop at Harvard Sq. to Chameleon we headed to our reservation at No. 9 Park

It was good.. but the wine was better than the food haha

Bread & Buttaaaaa

Foie Gras Terrine

Extra duck prosciutto

Just chomping on Quail Legs… NBD



Came back and I passed out watching Super 8 within a few minutes. Hahahaha, I’m a lame host when I drink too much… but drinking all day was pretty impressive…

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