Baltimore for the day…. Wit & Wisdom and the Aquarium

It was a late late night… but we ended up getting up SUPPPPER early in the morning to run to the train to head to Baltimore for the day…. I may have been hungover… can’t really remember at the moment. BUT it was early but the train ride was quick and fun,


The view from Wit & Wisdom at the Four Seasons in Baltimore. GORGEOUS

They had a brunch buffet… so I OBVIOUSLY needed a pic of all the ketchup

We ordered a few things and then were served EVERYTHING

Pastry Basket – sadly were out of house but still yummilicious

We got pancakes and fruits

MMMMMM cute little pancakes

Tiny Buttermilk Pancakes with Bourbon Maple Syrup

These were seriousy probably the BEST pancakes I have EVER eaten. W was talking with his buddies and I was trying to be a lady cutting them into thirds and nibbling. OMG I could’ve INHALED in one bite.

Side of Bacon YUM

and then Shrimp & Grits!!! OMFG.. WITH PORK BELLY. I DIE. DELISH
A tried to kill W with the shellfish [haha I kid] but I had it and DV had it… SOOO GOOD…. creamy creamy grits… succulent super well spiced shrimp and fatty pork belly/bacon…. I LOVE… since W cant eat shellfish, DV ate it and seemed to love it as much as I did, def ate it faster.

Fried Egg over Biscuits and Thick Chunky Gravy

The gravy and sausage was on the sweet side but it was SO tasty.  ESP with the biscuit to balance it off. And you guys know that a good fried egg is a sexy fried egg and it’ll always make me extremely happy. I ended up eating the fried egg, the sausage, most of the biscuit and half of the gravy. There’s always that bit of micro greens that makes me feel healthier. HAHA.

W got the  Crunchy Chicken Sandwich
bread & butter chips, crystal hot sauce mayo

And I got the
Jumbo Lump Maryland Crab Cake Benedict
old bay hollandaise, crab glace, benton’s country ham, green

By this point I was gonna burst, but OMG SO FUGGGGGGING GOOD.

Egg Porn Time


FULLLLL and SUPER FULL we walked over to the National Aquarium to wander for a few hours. SO MUCH FUN.

And then we were off to eat at Pabu….. yes THE Pabu.K


  1. […] to eat here. Make sure you have a big empty tummy ready to fill up.  If needed, walk around the aquarium […]


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