Snack Time at Los Cuates

After wandering around trying to find some food to eat near ILO so W could get a haircut… we had an hour to eat a snack. So snack we did. At Los Cuates…

Mango Margarita for me. SMALLEST thing ever…. and was just meh.

We got a large salad and then these.. a mixed nachos



Food was decently good. Booze could’ve been better They were SUPER slow and had HORRIBLE chips & salsa. Overly thin chips and, while fresh made, meh chunky salsa. THANKFULLY the nachos were THICK yum chips.

They were soooooo slow and we had to say we had to leave soon to get our food. We ate, INHALED in 5 minutes and left.

Shall try again, possibly, next time, Maybe.

THANKFULLY we got delicious chicken and went home to watch the debate and drink beer.


  1. […] We decided to order one of everything off of the 4$ each bar menu. YUM.  PS their chips were SOO much better than the flimsy ones from Los Cuates […]


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