Delicious Mandu with the Boys

W and I met up at Mandu with B for a nice chat and dinner the other night…

Yogurt Sojutini

We got some pork and chicken tacos to start. YUM

Despite the hot weather, for my dinner I got the:

yookge jang
thick spicy soup w/ beef, scallions, egg and bean sprouts

W got the spicy pork —
dwejee bulgogi
grilled marinated and spiced pork, served w/ rice and mixed vegetables

Both were delicious and we devoured instantly.

We were given a lot of ice cream mochis in four flavors for our desserts.  Red Bean, Green Tea, Mango and Black Sesame. YUMMMMMM

After we headed to a wayyyy over-crowded party at American Ice… so after staying for a drink we were off to Brixton’s rooftop. A lot more relaxing and a few buddies dropped by. YAY. FUN NIGHT.


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