Back For Mo’ — Asiana Bistro

We had just recently visited Asiana Bistro but it was pretty good so we, my parents and I, decided to go back again.  This time we ordered completely different from the first time.

I started off with a Thai Beer, Singha.  It was slightly bitter and pretty tasty.  Not the best but not bad.. definitely tastes like an asian beer, as weird as that may sound – plus it went well with the clams we ended up ordering..

Beef Chow Foon Noodles

Tender chewy fluffy fat noodles with crunchy bean sprouts and large slices of super tender beef.  The sauce was pretty light and the dish was delicious.  As much as this is like chinese takeout, this was VERY yum!  I actually ended up having it the next day out of the fridge, for a midnight snack – teehee…

Clams in Black Bean Sauce

These were large, meaty, tender and oh so delicious.  Small slices of jalapeno to spice things up… sooo good.  And the portion was HUGE. H U G E!!!!  This, a beer and a giant bowl of white rice is the perfect meal.

Sea Bass with Mixed Veggies

This was our least favorite dish – we had hoped to get a whole steamed fresh fish but they didn’t have any that day.  This had way too much starch to make the sauce thick and the fish just didn’t taste fresh.  It was a chopped up frozen sea bass filet – and while the veggies were abundant and fresh, the over thickened up sauce just made it off-putting for me.

Garlicky Stir Fried Veggies

Minus the slightly thickened “sauce” you can’t go wrong with simp;y made greens

Pipa Tofu

There were so many!!!  Minced tofu and shrimp, fried and a light sauce added.  While I’m used to having smaller portions with a small whole shrimp on top, these oval balls of deliciousness were HUGE and addicting!!!! Flavor was fabulous and they were fluffy and tender. SO GOOD.

Fortune Cookie!!!!

I love this fortune.


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