Hangover Burger for Breakfast

First of all I love how Caesar’s Room Service menu, and basically all over, has so many “Hangover reference!!!”.. Kelly & I even watched that movie the first day we got there hahah…

I swoon, you swoon, we all swoon for Bradley Cooper

OKAY – Now that you’ve had your eye candy porn…. back to the food.

After a crazy night out – “INTERNATIONAL” – hahahaha… and partying out late, I woke up wanting only one thing in my belly – a burger!  In fact every night I’d ramble on and on about a burger… so much so, the other night as we were walking to Scarpetta, i thought Kelly was on my left side so I screamed “I WANT A BURGER” and it was some guy…oops. His friend looks at him and says “the girl needs a burger” *blush* HAHA damn Kelly moved to my right side.

SOOOO… a Burger for breakfast!!!

SOOOO I got the “Hangover Burger” which was Kobe Beef, Fried Egg, Fried Onions, Chili, Bacon, Mayo, Cheddar…along with the other stuff Tomatoes, Lettuce, Pickles, etc… on a Brioche bun.. I even asked for a side of Jalapenos, but got it SANS Mayo -duh- YUM – AND the fries were nice and crispy :D woot!

ONLY complaint was that I asked for Medium rare and it was rare, and the fried egg was cooked all the way thru. I need my yolk runny!!!!!

My creation!!!… pre-chili smother

I’m a messy eater when it comes to burgers.. it was SOOOO freaking good…

I washed it down with a faux mimosa – they only use Grand Mariner… and a bellini, YUM. I love room service!!!

I should probably stop going tanning AFTER eating so much .. pudgy belly..


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