Quickie Lunch of Beer and Dogs at Bourbon Steak DC

I was hungry.  So W and I snuck out of the apt to go get some food at Bourbon Steak.  I haven’t been to the DC one since my second trip to DC earlier in the year…. We grabbed a seat at the bar, our usual go to spot at any resto, and ate;  W caught up with a ton of people he used to work with.  THEY. LOVE. HIM. THERE. Hahaha.

W got an Arnold Palmer.. and I was given a Strawberry Lemonade – both Virgin

Since we got some dogs I got a beer as well. YUM

And then the hot dogs from the “Dog Days of Summer” Menu —
” …the popular Red Apron half-smoke with traditional toppings and a corn dog version of the local butcher shop’s cheddar dog.”

Half Smoked and a Cheddar Sausage Corn Dog

Soft Fluffy but not really cheesy.  I couldn’t taste cheddar. I love corn dogs though. NOM NOM NOM.  The corn bread was thick and tasty.

Half-Smoked in a Bun

The half-smoked was a bit tough and chewy for me.  I love the buttered bun though.. was toasted and yummy.


chocolate, marcona almond, whiskey cordial

Not really a brownie at all more of a harder sort of mousse… it was pretty good, and those whiskey candies are AMAZE BALLS.  When you bite into them you get a shot of whiskey. WOOHOO.


coffee gelato, marcona almonds, cocoa meringue

DIYwith almonds and toffee, etc.. SO FREAKING GOOD.
And those spikes are meringues :D YAY


  1. […] They also had hot dogs in a cute OG hot dog cart outside in the rain haha – same ones we ate the other day. […]


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