Meatball Madness

Another day of working… woke up early and headed to the grocery store down the block for Meatball groceries…. all groceries check… time for a quick lunch.

I ordered some beef tacos for W and a beef tongue taco and a pulled chicken Taco salad from Super Tacos.  YUMMMAYYYY – It was HUGE and filling!!!!

An ice cream cone for dessert :D

I love my French Fries shirt ;D Bonjour….

I made my meatballs.. there was no veal at the store so it’s half beef and half pork.  W has no measuring spoons or cups so I eyeballed everything.. woot!  There was also no smoked mozz so I just used a regular fresh mozzarella.. and thanks to a suggestion from W I sauteed  the onions before popping it into the mixture… it also flavored the pot – NOM

I mixed together  tomato/basil sauce with an arrabbiata sauce and then popped everything into the oven for a few hours.

After unhoarding W’s room and socks [haha] we finally settled down to a quick dinner of spaghetti and meatballs a la MEEEE :D

I also popped open a bottle of wine.  French red table wine. YUM.

Happy Cleaning!!!

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