Julia Child’s Kitchen + PS7’s

We food-lovers recently celebrated Julia Child’s Happy 100th!!.. She’s an inspiration to the food industry and puts a smile on everyone’s face…. so I was excited when W and I headed over to the National Museum of American History to see her kitchen

After a fun day at the museum and checking out other exhibits.. we were HANNNNNGRY!!!! So we headed over to PS7‘s [after a long time contemplating eating ice cream bars outside of the museum]… W’s old joint, to satisfy my burger craving – the last time I was here I got the hot dogs, but since I JUST ate some the other day, BURGER for me.

Spicy Popcorn <3

Addicted to these. We got refills while we waited for our food – I even ate it WITH my food.

Pull Apart Pork Sticky Buns 
sweet dough, pork confit, brown sugar spice glaze

THESE are soooo good.. it’s like eating meat for dessert. It’s sweet, savory, UGH AMAZING.  Not too sauced and nice bite of scallion on top was great. Crunch crunch. My love for all these stinky sorts of onions, I’d put more atop the buns.

W got his favorite, the  “Primanti Brothers” sandwich
a creative spin on the Pittsburgh favorite, with soppressata,  pepper slaw, fried egg, provolone and topped with French Fries

DELICIOUS!!!  W got it with double fried eggs. SOOO good..  I stole a few bites :D NOM. Everything inbetween two pieces of bread = perfection!

And I got the Chef’s Choice burger

house cured bacon, fried egg, gruyere and roasted tomatoes

All washed down with a few glasses of rose champagne. OMG it was soooo good. Burger cooked perfectly.. just had a bit of trouble with the buns… the bottom one got soggy and melted away…

It was messy but all of this went into my belly…

Julia Child’s AND a delicious burger? I love my life…

Hahaha bugaboooooo

Sorry I had to.

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