Spicy Night a la Mommy, Back in the Bean

After a long day of fooding… bloat bloat, we woke up early to go to the airport to fly in opposite directions. W back to Detroit and me back to Boston.

Hungry and upset stomach

I’m ready… iPad, Mags, Chicken Caesar, Coffee.. and I had a bag of snacks, hot fries and candy  and fruits.

I got home and had to do some work.. so I had some freshly picked HUGE blueberries while blogging, uploading videos, pics and doing work. I’m good at multi-tasking :]

For dinner, Mommy made 4 delicious spicy dishes that I love.

Spicy Marinated Cold Cucumbers
Crispy, fresh, crumchy with a nice spice to it. YUM – Simple and refreshing!!!!

Spicy Mung Bean Sprouts with Thai Chili

Bitter Greens, Pork Belly and Thai Chilis
One of my favorite dishes ever YUM.

Szechuan Ma La Beef in Chili OilSOOOOOOO GOOOOD and spicy, burned my throat and stomach, amazing.  My mom used rib eye so it was fatty and tender. MMMMM….

Spicy Food = Happy Tiffie

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