Nothing like a simple turkey sandwich from Sweet Thyme

I stopped by Sweet Thyme bakery in Lexington on the way back from Oral Surgeon #2 in the past year to check on my tongue freckle.  It has now grown to 3mm x 5mm and I’m probably gonna get a biopsy after another checkup in October.  It’s probably not a big deal but why not be 110% sure.  My tongue got a photoshoot and by the time it was done I was STARVING.  I called ahead of time so I could just pick it up since they make their sandwiches for you to order.

Their delicious freshly daily made whole wheat bread was like fluffy wonder bread, but healthier.  There was layers of lettuce, cucumber, red pepper, turkey, avocado and even a thin spread of mayo, which I didn’t mind like I usually do.

I gobbled it up so fast halfway home I was done and still hungry.  I had Iced Coffee as well which tasted like donuts! Haha…

Great lunch.  Sometimes simple is best!

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