Homemade Pita Pizzas at Midnight

I was feeling particularly hungry the other night and made myself some delicious pita pizzas.

I first baked the whole wheat pitas in the oven for a bit on each side til crisp… added a bit of mozzarella cheese to melt on top of each.  Put some Scarpetta arrabbiata sauce on top

Sugo all’arrabbiata (arrabbiato means angry inItalian—the name of the sauce is due to the heat of the chili peppers) is a pasta sauce made fromgarlictomatoes, and red chili peppers cooked inolive oilBasil is sometimes used, although many chefs do not. The dish is usually served with pasta(especially penne and may have chopped freshparsley sprinkled on top.[1]

…and topped them with toppings and extra extra cheese. Shredded AND fresh mozzarella.

Not sure if I really enjoyed the sauce, need to try it with pasta.  I love you Scott Conant but not sure if a pasta sauce with a shelf life of a year is really my thing.  I was lazy but I should just stick to making my own sauce like I usually do.

Oomphed up Margherita Pizza… extra basi and TONS of extra cheese…  with some freshly cracked black pepper.

Veggie Pizza – Red Onions, Mushrooms, Golden Cherry Tomatoes and Basil – with extra cheese!!!

All ingredients were bought at Whole Foods that afternoon :] And both were topped with a heavy hand of hot pepper chili flakes. I have a HUUUUGE tub of it that I bought at Costco :D

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