Gyro, Pho, Chinese Food, Monopoly and Wine… Good to be back in DC

Last minute planning led us back to DC. And first thing’s first…. we headed straight to Astor Mediterranean for a Gyro.  W got the regular lamb one, and I got the chicken, wish these things were bigger, I could probably eat three in a row just to get full. Delish!  It was HOT HOT HOT out.  The walk there was grueling.. but SO worth it.

Then we headed over to visit the new Bar/Restaurant Brixton pre-Grand Opening.  Hey, guess what?!  It’s a long fence! Hahaha…

After chilling for a bit we headed back to W’s apt and we were still hungry.  So me and W ordered some Pho and took a nap.  Yay for hiding out with AC indoors on a hot hot steamy day.

Iced Vietnamese Coffee and Young Coconut Water w/ Coconut meat in it YUM from Pho 14.

My everything pho with tendon, tripe, rawwww meatttt, NOM, basil, jalapenos, sprouts.. and tons of Sriracha.  Strangely I haven’t had that much heat in awhile and this made me go on FIIIYAHH.. I’m getting weaksauce, but I inhaled it anyways and sweated a storm.  Sexy, I know.

#5. Tai, Chin, Name, Gan, Sach — Slices of eye-of-round steak, well-done brisket, well-done flank, soft tendon, bible tripe.

I got these at the Detroit airport before we left…. they were okay, the banana ones were weird.. sour banana? Ick.

The night ended with a few bottles of white wine, Boys vs Girls Monopoly… and chinese takeout from North Sea – we got Hunan Chicken, General Tso’s… some fried dumplings, fried rice and wonton soups :] Haha….

Best times!

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