Ignite Sushi Bar & Lounge

The closest thing to sushi around here? Ignite Sushi Bar & Lounge on the third floor of the MGM here in Detroit.  I’ve been having a craving and never got to try the place out last time I was in Detroit soooo….. why not?!  I finished up work, crazy busy work day, I got dressed up and decided to have a solo dinner date with me, myself and I.

So security in the front of the casino told me to get the Michigan roll, but ya’ll know that I’m not a fan of cream cheese in my sushi – in fact W likes to get it sometimes just to spite me haha – so I ended up with the safest, but a unique, option.

Hawaiian Roll
Inside: tuna, cucumber
Outside: Ebi (cooked shrimp), avocado
Toppings: kiwi, pineapple sauce, spicy sweet sauce

Spicy sauce was basically sriracha and some other stuffs.  I dug the kiwi and pineapple flavors, it was flavor overload, and I actually enjoyed it, minus the drowning in different sauces.  Remember guys, less [sauce] is more!  But then again, I’m not a huge sauce girl.


Always a fav snack of mine, they were overcooked – to the point where a lot of the pods had broken open – but still tasty.  I love flaked salt.

Ignite Salad
organic michigan lettuce, radish, carrot, scallion. w/ ginger dressing and salmon sashimi

Crunchy fresh veggies, a light yummy dressing and fresh sashimi atop.  The dressing was a bit overload, and the bottom half of my salad was SWIMMING in dressing.  Womp.

So the food wasn’t bad.  Aside from the fact that all the rolls had a ton of mayos and sauces all over them…. and the edamame was a bit overcooked.  But the service was horrible.  The people were super nice BUT, I never got napkins, no one ever came over to take my drink order, they don’t even have a drink menu!!!… and I had to ask them about 4 or 5 times before I finally got my first drink order, super late.  AND they said they had 4 different sakes but just brought me over a random cold one. UM…. okay… but after the 3rd tiny bottle, I didn’t care much anymore.. and just shrugged it off. NOM NOM NOM.

But if you’re not into sushi they have some small pites like yakitori, noodle dishes and some cute sliders.

I’ve read some reviews on how there were fruit flies, sauce overload, etc… it wasn’t dirty, and the place was pretty swanky.  I got there towards the end of ballroom dancing and it seemed like a lot of fun.  But the sun doesn’t go down til super late so after dinner I wasn’t really in the dancing mood yet with the sun blasting in the big windows on the dance floor.  I stuck out like a sore thumb, as in I was palest one there and I think the only Asian.. hahaha… I definitely wasn’t in Kansas anymore but the music was banging and smiles were everywhere.  I had a great time.  I’d go for fun and if you’re desperately needing sushi and don’t wanna risk some random place in Detroit.  Don’t expect a mind-blowing meal but just have a few drinks, put on your dancing shoes and have a good time.


  1. Wasabi…on Ford Rd, just west of Telegraph (if you’re on the west side) Awesome sushi! Tiny little mom-and-pop place. Extensive menu. (surprising for such a small place). Look under photos for the menu.


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