Simon’s Prime Hamburgers, it’s like Five Guys but Canadian…

After playing on the Detroit side, we decided to go to the Canadian side for the carnival there and the fireworks…. so we packed our backpacks and off to Windsor, Ontario Canada we go..


SMOOOOOOOTH… I can’t stop laughing at these ads.. google them, they’re hilarious!

We first stopped by a Tobacco shop for some cigars :] The guy seemed talkative and probably lonely? Windsor is such an empty city.  But yeah you can drink 19+ but then you can only get tobacco 19+ too. Not bad.

And while we wandered to search for our hotel, my eye caught this.. so obviously we had to get some.  We’re both Leos so we got the Leo Bubble Tea from Bubble Tea ExpressHibiscus + Litchi with tapioca pearls and we added some Mango Jelly for more texture. YUM.  This was SO delicious, not too sweet with a slight plum tart taste to it.

W sipping away. :]

Our view from the hotel room was PERFECT for the fireworks… and had a gorgeous view of Detroit.  So sad how beautiful Detroit looks from across the river… but then when you’re in it, it’s almost depressing. Womp

WE WERE STARVING.  We only had a bubble tea all day so we HAD to eat something.  We looked for a deli but ended up choosing between burgers and shwarma….  We ended up here at Simon’s PRIME Hamburgers.  Basically a Canadian rip off of Five Guys, but with poutine.

No wimpy burgers for us.

W got the Baconegg’r Double with Fried Egg, Bacon, Cheese, lettuce, Ketchup, Tomato, NO onion

and I got the Big Greek Double with Feta Cheese, Tzatzki, lettuce, Tomato and Onion….

Double is the only way to go. W got bored of his burger half way but I loved mine, for a double patty burger it was surprisingly light, probably because all the condiments were pretty light and fluffy. The bun disappeared in your mouth and kinda demolished but I liked that it wasn’t heavy or too chewy. FLUFF FLUFF.  We didn’t realize that the burgers CAME with fries so we had a side of fries. SHAME ON YOU CASHIER! You’re supposed to warn us.

Fries overload.  They were SO tasty tho.  Perfectly crispy and fried.


  1. Simon markham says:

    Your food is great,but your TV ad turns my stomach. Hamburgers dangling on a bare man’s chest is sickening. YUCK!!!!!



  1. […] day for fireworks, a bit windy – W & I both took a nap back at the hotel after our huge burger meal [food coma much?] and then woke up to head out to wander the festivities. Can you believe this was […]


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