New Met Bar Items…

I’ve blogged about Met Bar + Grill a million times and eaten there triple the amount… but they had a few new items and I got TWO of the NEW ITEMS so I figure I’ll talk about them.

Peach Mojito

Super tasty, what can I say… I love a good mojito!

Burger of the month…

Guacamole and Cheezy Chips

Chili Chicken Gorditas

Really good, I’d prefer a crunch to the tortillas on the bottom though and easier to eat, these just fall apart.  Flavor wise they were great.

Mexican Burger w/ Arugula, Butter Lettuce, Sprouts, Jack Cheese, Jalapenos, Guacamole, Salsa, etc..

Key Lime Tart

It was WAYYYY too sweet. And I like sweet, but SO sweet my tongue went numb and it was almost mealy/pasty from the sugar.  Awkward.  The pineapple on the side was good.. as was toasted coconut over the whipped cream.  Apparently we were the first peoples to try it so the waiter wanted to have our feedback. OOPS.


He was nice neuf to take it off the tab – altho it wasn’t much – but we gave him that and then some for tip since he recognized us! WOOT

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