Oysters + Clam Chowdah + Johnny Cupcakes

Tuesday was a busy day for W and the Clio dinner.. I worked and ran some errands and did a lot of outfit changing hahaha… I also ended up ordering half of the room service menu for dinner.. pizza, burger, fries, chocolate pudding cake, ice cream, the works. FAT. It was SOOOO GOOD though.

Like, I wore this outfit to go to Shaw’s….

And this one after.. hahaha cuz it was a little chilly.  I’m such a little fashion whore.  Cool part of the day was when I got asked to model.

W was supposed to leave W morning but ended up staying a day :] YAY!  So I took the day off so we could spend the day together.  We slept in with blackout curtains but our bellies got the best of us and we needed to eat.  The SUN was finally back out so we also decided to wander around Boston…

We ended up being too hungry to NOT eat first so before we even got outside we grabbed a quick bite at Legal Seafood’s in Pru.  It’s not one of my fav Legal’s locals.  I like the one in Copley better [it’s also less touristy]… and I think the Framingham one, minus the whole alcohol issue, and by the Wharf is the best.  *shrug*  OH, I dislike the Chestnut Hill one the most. WORST SERVICE AND SANGRIA EVER.

Anyways.  A dozen oysters.  All WiAnnos.  SOOO GOOD.

We got His and Her Clam Chowdahs.. I ordered first and I got a cup, he got a bowl. DAMMIT  I had Chowdah envy :[ I did it his way and added tabasco sauce to it, SOOO GOOD… Except he added more salt and I added more pepper.  What can I say opposites attract :] We’re so similar and so different. I love it.

He ended up getting a burger. WOMP. Overcooked and just looked meh.  But then again it’s a BURGER at Legal Seafoods.  I scolded him – he counteracted with how Saltwater has great burgers. HO HUM. I’ll have to get one when I’m back up in Detroit soon.

I got a bucket of steamers.  They were tiny so there were a lot.  W said it was a New England thing and actually had no idea what I was talking about.  Steamed Steamers aren’t really his thing, but he did try one – minus the little penis head haha.. probably cuz I told him to pull off the foreskin LOL my B – He actually thought of CLEVELAND STEAMERS – Don’t worry I gave him one later. HAHAHA. JK. Maybe. HELLO!!! SFW FOOD BLOG HERE!

The meal was ridic expensive and even after W didn’t eat his burger and his waitress was all like, “I’m sorry I’ll take something off” she took freaking 4$ OFF WTF!? LAME.  Tax was more.

Anyways.  At least their mojito of the day was good.  We walked around Newbury and I got a shirt at Johnny Cupcakes <3 JOY.

Yep.  Dinner was Cheesecake Factory.  Don’t judge. It was derricious!


  1. just found your blog from a riccardi review!! i can so feel your passion and personality from reading your blog posts!! wicked cute!!



  1. […] dish completely caught me by surprise.. why?! Remember when W told me “steamers must be a New England” thing?!… He made me spicy steamed […]


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