We’re going to Miami….

Welcome to Miami…

W had a thing in Miami so I got to tag along :] What a good boyfriend. TEEHEE. Spoilt. He got me tickets so I flew in from Boston [barely got 2 hours of sleep and flew in on the 8am WOOO]… and lucky us, our planes arrived at the same time.. at opposite ends of the MIA airport. Srsly folks, do you know how freaking BIG this place is?

Map doesn’t do it justice, PLUS.. I landed at the tip of D, he landed tip of J :] HAR HAR.. I walked as fast as my little legs could carry me… we tried meeting in the middle but I ended up on 2nd floor while I told him to go on the 3rd floor.. and let’s just say it ended with W telling me to stay put in one spot while he looked for me.  WAA I felt like a lost kid hahaha

Hilariously enough, both of us got this at our Foursquare check-in [I’ve turned him into a 4sq addict! WOO] Both of us were in Miami last year in Feb.. he left right when I arrived teehee.. wonder if I passed him at the airport LOL

As I walked over to Terminal J… I saw an old friend.  Manchu Wok that is. HAHAHAHAA…. Horrible.

We finally met up and headed over to the resort we were staying at.. Fontainbleau.  Absolutely GORGEOUS!

W had to get to some meeting so we ordered a quick bite… Turkey Club [Bacon, Lettuce, Swiss, Dijon] and Fries for him and Chilled Prawn Cocktail w Tomato Horseradish Sauce for me. WTF?! So expensive.  17 bucks for only 4 pieces? But it was SOOOOO GOOOOD… felt bad getting it tho, thought I’d at LEAST get 6.

The place was PACKED and it’s a HUUUUGE area, a few pools, a few hot tubs, HUUUUGE, I wandered the whole place and finally found a spot and hogged two spaces… for when W finished up and could join me.  It was blasting grreeeeat music, latin and hip hop and just… Ammmmmmazing. LOVE IT

Burning hot so I decided to get my drink on

FirstDrink of Choice: Pink Bikini
Voli, TY KU Citrus, KU Soju, Crushed Strawberry, Lemon, Agave Nectar, Soda

Tasty but I kept getting strawberries up my straw and in my teeth – in the end it was more strawberries than drink.  Thirsty.  But I thought it was funny drinking a pink bikini wearing  a red one HAR HAR.

Phantom Mojito 
Bacardi 8, Fresh Mint, Hand Pressed Lime, Cane Nectar, Perrier-Jouet Champagne

This ended up being my drink of choice for the rest of the time here :] NOM

I love my new flip flops. Valentino FTW!  Casual Chic <3 AND water proof LOL

Va-va-voom.  Of course a typical bathroom mirror shot is necessary.  See, I’m less pale now! WOO

Finally W was free and chilled with me at the pool area, the HUGE pool area for awhile, he got a Peach Blueberry Lemonade and a Watermelon Mint Lemonade – both full of fresh fruit – and I tried a Ginger Fizz [Double Cross, Canton Ginger St-Germain Elderflower, Fresh Crushed Ginger, Soda, Prosecco] YUM

Ventured to the beach side.

Time to get ready for dinner….


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