Prime Rib always hits the spot.

I’ve been indoors for awhile now.. antisocial and too much work has really got me in a rut.  So I finally decided to get some dinner OUTSIDE of my kitchen and pantry.


Coach Grill it was.  As much as i didn’t wanna stay in, I did’t wanna stray too far. SOOOO I ended up at Coach Grill.. I had to make it quick since I had an urgent call for more work for WORK. LAME.  So good choice..

Iced Raw Oysters.

A lot of horseradish and lots of dashes of tabasco of course – they were huge and delicious!


Rotisserie Pork Loin pan gravy, mashed sweet potatoes and fresh applesauce

Super tasty and juicy – perfectly cooked.  The applesauce was homemade and chunky. YUM!

Steamed Asparagus with EVOO and Hollandaise


Steamed Broccoli and Hollandaise

Sauteed Mushrooms

My sexy Prime Rib of Beer w Au Jus… USDA PRIME GRADE seasoned and slow-roasted with rock salt…. served with horseradish.. the one they gave me was creamy and with mayo methinks, so I asked for fresh and they gave me a slivered and mushed YUM

Going at it like whoaaa…

My dinner date… hahaha boyfriend was jealous – OBVIOUSLY ;]

I was so full of moo that I got my dessert to go ;D GIANT slice of multi-layered chocolate cake! WOOT!

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