A day of Beer + Peanuts — Tigers vs. White Sox

Sunday was a big day. W has it off.  WOOHOO!!! Sunday Funday!

We grabbed some brunch downstairs at the Wolfgang Puck Grill – everytime I write it I write puke first haha oops – with the GM of the restaurant.. at freaking 1030am!!!! My inner kid came out and W made me get up at 930.

I basically got up and faceplanted back in the pillow whining

“Who has BRUNCH at 1030 in the morning? That’s still BREAKFAST!!!”

It’s trueeeeeee!!!!

No pictures tho since I was busy being half asleep. And did you know that they don’t serve alcohol before noon there on Sundays? Not-s0-Sunday funday.  No mimosa, bellini or bloody mary for me, just lots of coffee.  The boys both got a House-Made Granola Parfait, Yogurt, Fresh Berries and the Smoked Salmon Plate with Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Cream Cheese and a Toasted Bagel.  I got the French Style Omelet, Smoked Ham, Cipollini Onions, Gruyere Cheese  The food was so-so.  I had been craving eggs like crazy lately and actually wanted to order the omelet at 2 in the morning the night before… but was on hold for like 20 minutes. LAME.  Finally got my fix and it was okay.   The smoked salmon was definitely SUPER fishy :P Not to my liking.  I guess there’s a reason why this place is now closed… [yep! No longer at the MGM]

ANYWAYS. Onwards to the highlight of the day —

The Tigers will playing in town so I got me and W tickets to see them….

I ended up buying a hat and a jersey at the park!

We sat just a few rows behind the dugout.. like 4 rows?!… AMAZE-BALLS!

And all I consumed that day was beer, beer, beer, italian ice, beer, peanuts and BEER! bloat to the extreme HAHA

It was a gorgeous sunny warm day, which was GREAT.. I was scared we’d be cold… plus we both got a nice.. burn where our seats were hahaha…

When we got back to the hotel after the game, Tigers won! We chilled at the pool, MMMM cooled the burns, and thennnnn… a quick simple dinner W got a burger and I got Tacos and Nachos… extra meat and cheese and jalapenos!!! HAHAHA.. YAYYY!!  We watched a marathon of Baggage Battles.. OMG I’m SO obsessed with that show now.. I want to go to one of those auctions…
Just wanted to share this pic.. hahahahah… I talk to my stuffed animals too…

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