Dinner at Saltwater a la Chef William Morris @will0724 – Beware a sappy post :D

I’m psyched! I’ve had W’s food but not a whole dinner specifically cooked by him for me, well.. you know aside from the obvious, like breakfast and stuff, but I meant at a restaurant… Yes yes yes if you guys haven’t realized by now, guessed or just not… KNEW cuz it’s on my FB, he’s always on my blog AND I talk about him on my twitter 24/7… the love of my life is cutie Chef William Morris of DC. He was up for Hottest Chef of DC on Eater earlier this year… and it all started with pretzels

I love seeing him all cute in his chef clothes :]

I always squeal when I see him at work. He makes magiccccccc with the food and looks adorable doing it. #sappy I know. DEAL WITH IT. It’s my blog and I’m finally in a relationship with someone I actually really like love.

I started off the day with some hoarding at the concierge lounge. HAHA.  Oatmeal, pastries.. coffee, OJ, yogurts, cereal, fruits.. etc….

And then I did some work.. okay fine, I did a lot of work… but this caught my eye whilst the drama…. riot? protest? oh #detroit

And then I MAY OR MAY NOT have had a few drinks whilst getting FANCY for my special, highly anticipated dinner at Saltwater by my boyfriend, for the night.

Last look of the Isabella Wen necklace I LOOOOOOOOVE cuz I got drunk and broke it :[ WOMP.

Blurry picture of the restaurant.. it was a Tuesday night.. in a Casino.. hottest casino of Detroit.. and sadly bare :[

The host even gave me a magazine to read while I dined solo LOL…

Now before I begin I have to say…. I was highly.. intoxicated.. so much so in fact that I vow never to be this tipsy again… ok I was more than tipsy, when W cooks for me.. EVER.  His food is too good to waste on drunkeness.. altho I remember everything being FREAKING AMAZING so I couldn’t have been that trashed ;] AND I took pictures SO HA!

Cold Calamari Salad

This was freaking amazing.  Delicious, fresh and UGH… perfectly cooked squid! I FUCKING LOVE SQUID. This was so amazing that I kept telling the servers and the GM to put it on the menu!

Sweet Pea Ravioli :]

I haven’t craved pasta like this in SO long. I actually had DREAMS about eating pasta and ravioli after eating these… tender, perfectly cooked.. mmmm and I have a huge things for peas…

Snapper with Mushroom & Sunchoke Consumme

Tender, the fish was perfectly flaked and melted in my mouth. AMAZING flavors!!!!

Roast Pork over Crispy potato and Rainbow Chard…. Apple Butter & Mustard Jus
See that bubbly? Not sure how many glasses I had but they kept filling it up. I love the pig.  Piggy piggy piggy, I could eat it for days, this was like butter in my mouth…. dissolving on my tongue in piggie deliciousness. Amazing greens.. perfectly wilted and then a nice crispy tater… MMMM…. It’s always a miracle when anyone can get me to eat potatoes. I’m SOOO picky about my potatoes… it’s usually only chips, fries and dirty mashed potatoes. HEE HEE… And potato skins..



Love of my life made a delicious meal that I loved.  Sorry I got too happy and drunk to remember full details.  BUT I LOVED IT.  I am a really really really blessed girl :]


  1. […] then again it’s a BURGER at Legal Seafoods.  I scolded him – he counteracted with how Saltwater has great burgers. HO HUM. I’ll have to get one when I’m back up in Detroit […]


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