Best of Detroit – Slow’s BarBQ

W has Mondays off as well so since we failed to go to Slow’s yesterday we decided to go today… of course after some pool and hot tub time :]

Slows BarBQ

The sauces.. they later brought out the “special” Mustard sauce which was the tastiest and my favorite of the five.

I got a nice light beer.. x2 :]  You gotta have some beer with your ‘cue!

Our neighbors were also in the foodie industry and super annoying… well the guy was hahahah He kept saying how they ordered SO much food and that they “were little people”

They got one sandwich and 3 sides for 3 people… LAMMMMEEE-O

We ordered SO MUCH MORE…. !!!!! Look how excited I am :D

This was BEFORE the desserts :D

My combo… Call the You Choose – I got half a slab of Baby Back Ribs, delicious succulent Pulled Pork, and two side dishes… one was Mom’s Green Beans

My ribs were a bit anorexic :[ Reminded me of Chef Spike & Chef Marcus’ skinny ribs from the first epi of the last season of Next Iron Chef

Go to 5:17 They’re called Anorexic and Supermodel ribs LOL…

but yeah – but these ribs weren’t dry and were quick tasty… this was when I tried all the sauces… Mustard won and then NC [vinegar based] and the apple and the sweet were too sweet and the spicy just had a weird taste to me… and wasn’t spicy…. the NC was the spiciest… and Mustard had the best flavor.

The green beans were stirfried with onions and had an amazing mustard flavor.

Special of the Day: Pork Belly Sandwich

The pickled onions were really sweet which was a nice balance with the fatty pork.  They need this on the menu!  Haha I loved how the bartender explained to us what a pork belly cut was.. lol… :] Silly guy, didn’t realize what fatties were are. HAHA. And we know our pig. OINK. YUM. I forgot what it was called.. I think it had something to do with Nature in the title?!

Oh, my other side dish was the Mac-N-Cheese

Delish and made with shells instead of macaroni :] amazing!  The cheese was IN the shells YUM.. I made the mistake of eating most of the other stuff before digging into this so it got a little cold – so eat it while it’s hot!

W’s side dishes were the Waffle Fries w/ Hoffman Cheddar & Coleslaw

I’m not a mayo fan so I don’t usually like coleslaw unless it’s mustard based, but this was light and totally cut thru the heavy meats.  The waffle fries, well what can I say, I LOVE WAFFLE FRIES!!! And nothing like a nice cheesy dip :] Chedddaaa makes everything betta…  hehe you can also see W’s peach sweet tea…


And while we were past the point of explosion, we couldn’t pass up dessert.

Peach & Raspberry Cobbler with ice cream

This was good but not what I was craving and expected.. instead of a crumble it was cornbread on top. I only had half of it because I was distracted by W’s choice….

“The Chuck Norris” aka CHOCOLATE HEAVEN!!!!! AND sprinkled with BACON!
Chocolate and Oreo Brownie, Ray’s Detroit Club Coffee Ice Cream and Sander’s Hot Fudge

The bartender gave me a free glass of this sour beer to help “wash down” the richness of the chocolate – SOOO GOOD.. I was busting out of my pants and yet I couldn’t stop shoving food down my throat. DELISH!

I can’t really remember what happened after but I’m pretty sure we went back and passed out… hahahaha

GO-TO place in Detroit! MOST DEF!


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