I finally didn’t order the Cioppino at Legal’s…

Family weekend so we’re headed to Legal’s!

I slipped on my Chloe’s… they’re old but still lovely and look new…

And first we headed to Barnes and Nobles… it’s right by the restaurant and we had a 7pm reservation.  BTW I love pork fat.

This book was so cute, almost bought it

Ended up buying these two <3

And then headed next door to Petsmart to buy dogfood for Didi :]

This pic is for W


AND THEN off to Legal Seafood’s… FINALLY cuz I was starving.. I only had a spicy chicken wrap all day for lunch so I NEEDED FOOD!!

We started off with the special appetizer & two tubs of steamers!!! YEP TWO…no pics because they were devoured immediately… and I have too many pictures of steamers… hahaha… OOOOO but excitment!!! The crabs are in…. softshelled that is…

Tempura Fried Softshell Crab
Togarashi Aioli, Cucumber-Carrot Slaw, Sesame

Spicy!!! It was small but deeeeelightful :] I inhaled the pickled cuc and carrots too, SO GOOD

Daddy’s Lemon Caper Grey Sole
Lemon Beurre Blanc with Steamed Spinach and Green Beans

Daddy LOOOOOOOVED it!!!  And licked the plate clean!  He usually sticks to salmon so YAY for him changing things up!

Mommy’s Grilled Hake and Shrimp
Shrimp, Charred Tomato-Scallion Sauce, Garlic Green Beans and Seaweed Salad

We ended up trading because she loooooves softshell crab!  The green beans were perfectly done, I hate soggy overcooked green beans, these still had a nice snap to them.. and while the shrimp and hake were delish and cooked perfectly, so tender, I wish there was less sauce, or preferably on the side.  Wasn’t a HUUUGE fan of it.

And yes I didn’t get cioppino…. hahaha which I get like 99% of the time….

My Softshell Crab Provencal
Mushrooms, Scallions, Grape Tomatoes, Garlic White-Wine Sauce

SOOO GOOD.  I got steamed broccoli on the side and the huuuuge crab was on a bed of steamed spinach. SOOO GOOD, the sauce was amazing and I LOOOVE cooked grape tomatoes… warm and pop pop pop in your mouth.  But like I said, mommy and I traded – she LOOOOVED it. DE-VOURED.

And I got the wine pairing to go with it… a Quadri Pinot Grigio, delle Venezie IGT, Italy, 2010 which was tasty.

Got this for W and I :]

And instead of getting dessert at Legal’s.. I stopped by Whole Foods and got dessert there!

Most amazing HUUUUUGE cream puff <3 JOY


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